What is SAND ART?

Talking about it people usually say something like: “Sand Art is a unique ART. An artist draws with sand on a glass surface of a special table, lighted from below. Video camera and projector transmit his motions on a screen. Inimitable masterpieces are created by master’s hands, changing each other on audience’s eyes”.

I’d like it to be so. So that meeting it in the Internet, on video or, if you are really lucky, on a live performance, you meet not just pictures to the music, but exactly ART.
Modern artist has many materials in his hands.

SAND ART is art of sand.
And the question “And why is it sand?” a good artist answers with his works.
For him sand is not exotics or fashion tendency.

Sand has unique properties, and master helps sand to show up his nature. And sand returning his feelings helps to express artist’s ideas and feelings…
Today notion SAND ART includes: cartoons (animated films), where different free-flowing materials are used, and masters’ live performances to audience…
These ways are close, they have a lot in common. But the aim of animation is a concrete film made by creative teamwork, and in a live performance it’s a process of work itself. In spite of growing popularity and commercialization of this genre, real professionals are still very few.
“Why are we so few?” my first question was after sand started talking to me. It became clear later, but it was too late.

Drawing skills don’t guarantee needed speed and spirit strength to a performer …

Strong nerves and artistry don’t add producer’s gift…

And ability to form up an interesting plot gives you nothing without real relations to this strange (and really live) material…
Probably after you know what is SAND ART you’d like to sink into this amazing, magic world yourself… Sink into sand…By the way, it’s warm! Table’s glass surface on which everything happens is warmed up by lamps lighting it, and the sand becomes warm as on the beach.
So welcome to the workshop.

Technically there is nothing special:
A table with a mat glass surface, lamps under the glass. Tables may have different proportions and height.
My table’s surface is 1300x800. On the glass there is sand. Sand can also be different: quartz, silicate. Castillio uses volcanic. I have river sand.
Nearby there is a support 2 meters high. Video camera is on it. As a rule cameras are analog with wide focus lens. And a projector which transmits everything on a screen (for what all are gathered). Nothing intricating.
And where is ART?

And here I’ll tell you nothing original.


SAND ART is in a huge degree love to material you use. Why should you draw something with sand if you can paint it differently and much better? Just to say “Wow, I draw with sand!”? I refused from many really good ideas and boons exactly because of it.
Sand is almost like water. It’s time. It’s flowable. It takes different shapes (not always expected). It is it’s nature and that’s why it charms.
You can’t force it. You can only love it, admit it as it is, help it show worth, expose its natural qualities and hope to mutuality… to relations…

And only then it itself… starts talking to you about ART.

That is SAND ART.

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