Hello, I’m Vlad Zavadskiy, Artur’s old friend. He asked me to write this page.
Artur is a mystery man. Twenty years ago I was sure I am a friend to Russian Van Gogue, but suddenly he stopped drawing pictures. In one day he gathered all materials and vacated the workshop. All who knew him were at a loss, as he was engaged in art for all his life.

We were sure that in six months he will return to painting. Fifteen years left.

In my memory there are more than ten professions that he has changed for this period. He was a clown, businessman, business-trainer, sales-manager...

And not a single piece of art for all this time.
And then a day came when he told me that he returns to drawing, and he’ll do it by sand. He told that he feels sand’s energy and he can express a lot with it’s help.

That time I didn’t know what he meant. I knew another: if this guy believes in something he will come up to end, doesn’t matter what it costs!

Artur’s way resembles a lot the ancient system of teaching the calligraphy. Formerly in the East a man from childhood was taught a trade, practiced a lot, but then in ten years he had to do something else: travel, sell, work in different spheres…

Then he returned to calligraphy and as usual became a big master.

Nowadays Artur Kirillov is one of three leading Sand Art masters in the world, and in the opinion of majority of producers he is the best of them.

Very important is that Sand Art artists themselves share this opinion. You can hardly find a SandArt artist, who doesn’t know the name of Artur. That are his compositions that majority of beginning Sand Art artists all over the world are taught on.

For the contribution in the modern art development by the INTERNATIONAL COORDINATION COUNCIL WORLDWIDE ALLIANCE “PEACEMAKER”



Among his works are:

Tver region presentation on Forum “GREEN WEEK” (Berlin, Germany)

Opening of Gala-concert on the UAE Foundation Day by invitation of the Government (Abu-Dhabi, the UAE)

Opening of Representative Office of the Fund “Gift of Life” (Erevan, Armenia)

Performance on the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games 2010 (Vancouver, Canada)

Joint performance with the “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra in the House of Music (Moscow)

Performance with the world’s leading classical performing musicians on the special project “REVIERS” (Arsenal-Mets, France) making of corporate films for PrisewaterhouseCoopers Russia, Volkswagen Bank, Jaguar, Apple, Kaspersky lab
“From the first moment I have seen Artur Kirillov’s art, I admire him! I love his original, unique and fine style of work. He is really splendid artist!”

From letter by Ilana Jahav (Israil)

“I consider Artur Kirillov to be the best Sand animation master… Artur helped me to understand what sand is, thanks to him I started to feel it properly.”

From interview of Ksenya Simonova (Ukrain)

“Artur Kirillov is a skilful, complete artist. His art needs skills of drawing and telling story in accomplience to background music, and in live performances - not least – a skill of managing the audience. He knows and can all this very well, and his qualities of artist and painter stand aside from all others.”

From thesis by Nicola Bernadelli Student of Milan Art Academy (Italy)

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